Greetings from the future of retail

Only Good to Go provides a unified mobile, online, and in-store experience to increase conversion, improve loyalty, and provide the customer with fulfillment choice.

Improve Loyalty

Build customer love with a delightful, consistent experience. Create value through individualized offers.

Offer Fulfillment Choice

Customer can easily choose between self checkout, click-and-collect, courier, or the parcel service of their choice.

Introducing UniChannel

Good to Go unifies mobile, online, and in-store customer experience.
Discover everything
Discover Everything

Browse all online and offline inventory

Shop anywhere
Shop Anywhere

Find store location that has the product.

Checkout Anywhere
Checkout Anywhere

1-swipe checkout and payment

Fulfill by Anyone
Fulfill by Anyone

Self checkout, click and collect, courier or parcel service

Deliver Anywhere
Deliver Anywhere

At home, office or out- and-about

Say Hello To High Conversion

Enable Higher Conversion Use Cases

Always make the sale, no matter where your inventory is

Gather and leverage cross-device customer data

Deliver tailored promotions as customer enters store

Eliminate transaction friction

One Screen to Rule Them All

Every checkout function on a single screen

Pick Delivery Location

When choosing delivery, consumer can pick from any address in profile, or their current location.

Self Checkout or Self Pickup

Self checkout mode is activated if the customer is in the store. If not in the store, app offers convenient store locations for self pickup.

Inventory and Security... Solved.

Say Goodbye to Shrinkage and False Out-Of-Stock

Integrate online and offline inventory

Customer visibility of combined inventory

Optional RFID security reduces theft


Udo Eberlein
Udo Eberlein

Global Technology Executive and Entrepreneur with a degree in logistics. Former President and CEO at Nero. Former CRO at GreenWave Systems. Ten years experience in a multi-national logistics conglomerate.

Philip Lehmann
Philip Lehmann

Technology Entrepreneur with a passion for product. Fifteen-years in Retail Analytics, CEO and Founder at Crosscan GmbH. Supervisory Board member for distruptive technology at HELLA Group.


Shalini Bhuva

Digital Media & Strategy Leader, Former Senior Group Manager, Guest Insights at Target Corp.

Paul Falzone

Chief Growth Officer at Brand Networks and former President of SDI Media.

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Heinemann

Senior E-Commerce Executive, (formerly at Douglas Holding and Kaufhof/Metro), academic and published author on online-offline strategies as well as member of the Supervisory Board at leading online retailers in Germany.

Lee Hutchinson

Founder and Creative Director at Seven Design, a creative agency innovating for Visa, SAP, TiVo, Specialized, and multiple tech startups.

Mark Jansa

VP Strategy and Retail Innovation at Idea Couture, Former Director, Global Services Strategy, Business Development, and Operations at Best Buy.

Steve Katelman

EVP Global Strategic Partnerships Omnicom Media Group.

David McKie

Business Development and Marketing Consultant at Yelp, Apple, Curbside, Visa, BancBox, HP, Vendo, Soundcloud, Clip.

Matt Salmonson

Former SVP Business Solutions at Gap Inc. and SVP Inventory Planning and Allocation at Restoration Hardware.

Michael Hedtke

RFID Expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Stay Tuned

To join the Good to Go journey to the future of retail, drop us a line. We promise to keep you up to date.

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